Company History


Pinnacle Stainless, LLC was formed in 2016 by Zach Harris and Dan Burns. With vast manufacturing and engineering experience spent in equipment fabrication for FDA food, pharma and cryogenics, the founders transferred their knowledge and skillset into the new and emerging industry of cannabis and hemp extraction.  

A passion for the industry and the ability to design and fabricate quality equipment, led to quick market adoption and brand recognition. First focusing on custom designed extraction equipment, in late 2017 the company moved towards standardized skid-based solutions. Pinnacle’s primary equipment offering utilizes ethanol to extract cannabinoids from the biomass. As a result of the three-part process, extraction, filtration and solvent recovery, the final product that is created is winterized cannabinoid crude oil. 

With the vision of future FDA regulation and safety in mind, the equipment meets cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) standards and is peer reviewed by a third-party engineering firm.    
Like many start-ups, Pinnacle began in the founder’s garage, but quickly moved to their first commercial shop only a few months later. In October 2019, they purchased a 30,000 sq. ft. building to allow for administrative, fabrication, and R&D expansion.  


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