Lab-Scale Extraction Filtration Recovery Skid




Why Choose Pinnacle EFR?

30LBS Per Hour 

10 Min Wash-Run Time

35 Gal of Alcohol Per Batch With 95% - 98% Alcohol Recovery Rate  

Compact, Modular, Mobile: Fits In Existing Extraction Booths






What's Included?

All-in-one extraction, filtration and recovery 

C1D1 Electrical Components, UL Listed Control Panel, Engineer Peer Reviewed

In-line Chilling Option Down To -40F

0.5 Micron Filtration 

Made-in-America, Pinnacle Stainless Jacketed Tanks, Design and Skid Assembly

Unistat Tango Hot Oil Recirculating System, MTA 081 Chiller and Sussman ES36 Steam Generator

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