What's Included?

Pinnacle SRS EVaporator Skid

Pinnacle Stainless C1D2 ETL Listed & Approved Electronics

UL Listed Electric Steam Generator

On-Site Installation

On-Site Training

Electrical Specifications

Electrical Specs: 230/460V 15 Amps

Purge Systems Air Requirements: Clean Dry, Instrument Quality Air
Solid Particles:
0.5 um, Maximum 1000 Particles/m3
-40°C* Pressure Dew Point
Oil Content:
<0.01mg/m3 Concentration Total Oil
Minumum Pressure:
65psig (85 recommended)
Minimum Flow:

Steam Generator Requirements

Electrical (Voltage | Frequency | Amps)
208/240 VAC | 3 Phase Input |100 Amps
480 VAC | 3 Phase Input | 50 amp supply | 20 amp 110v Control Circuit * 480 Volt systems will require additional provisions

Plumbing: 1/2" water line tied in with evaporator & drain previsions for automative blow down.

System Output

Parameter Value
Feed Rate 100L/1/hr
Feed Compositions: Alcohol 96.5%
Feed CompositionsL Oil 3.5%
Feed Temperature 20c
Distillate Composition: Alcohol >99.9%
Parameter Value
Distillate Flow Rate 95/1/hr
Distillate Temperature 25c
Concentrate Comp: Alcohol 75%
Concentrate Comp: Oil 25%
Concentrate Viscosity 100-1000cP
Parameter Value
Concentrate Temp. 50c
Process Pressure 30-50T
Steam Pressure 14-45psi
Cooling Water Temp. 15c


*Actual amount of material per run and recovery times on any AES or SRS system varies depending on composition, cut and moisture of input material, humidity and environmental factors, processing temperatures and operator experience.

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