Ross King CEO of Kind Roots Botanicals, LLC
“The decision to work with Pinnacle was based on the fact that they produce all their equipment in-house and we were able to tour their facility and have an in-depth professional discussion with their technicians to determine our exact requirements.” When equipment was installed/rough time frame of how long you’ve been using it June 2019 – one year. And how Pinnacle is important to your success “Pinnacle is more than a vendor, they have become a partner in our overall success. Their Executive team and customer support have been extremely valuable resources. We at Kind Roots Botanicals highly recommends Pinnacle!”
Alex-Facility Operator-Oregon, USA
I recommend Pinnacle Stainless to every medium and large scale cannabis extraction facility I speak with. Pinnacle's equipment comes standard with very heavy duty construction- and in the odd event something happens, replacement parts are quickly available. Downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, every shift. You need industry-proven gear you can depend on, and that's what Pinnacle Stainless promises.