We Have The Training for your Success

At Pinnacle Stainless, our goal is to offer premium customer service and tech support. By selecting the appropriate training to meet your needs, you’ll accelerate your organization’s success in this fast-paced market.

Your earnest efforts to get to this point are recognized. Let the Pinnacle team set you up for success to exceed your processing goals.

We provide both On-Site and Virtual training services to make sure you know how to operate our systems safely and correctly.

Onsite Training

This is Pinnacle’s all-encompassing training option. At a reasonable fee we provide on-site hands-on training, support, and knowledge option for successful processing. 

What to expect? 

  • Pinnacle’s technical service representative will finalize installation, inspect system components, test on-site pressure, and vacuum, perform solvent only runs to clean the machine, and prepare the system to process material.
  • Safety overview, troubleshooting, and emergency shut down procedures are covered as well as material processing, basic post-processing techniques, and end of shift shut down protocol.
  • In-depth production style workflow and operator assessment and review of any necessary material to confirm operational competency.

This option is the best choice for success by instilling your team with extraction and post-processing basics, safe practices, and troubleshooting procedure. On-site training best prepares new operators to safely operate Pinnacle Stainless’ equipment.